Again, the cloud: Dropbox

Since I mentioned how much l like Dropbox in my last post, I thought I’d add a follow-up. There’s been a bit of a buzz1 lately about how insecure Dropbox is. I don’t see this as a reason not to use it, but extra precautions should be taken if you want to store sensitive information. I personally love TrueCrypt for this, as creating a fixed-size encrypted drive doesn’t leak information about the number or size of files you’ve encrypted.

First thoughts on Amazon Cloud Drive

So, I’ve been playing with Amazon’s new Cloud Drive/Player for a few days now. Tl;dr version? I’m not impressed - Amazon certainly has the resources to have done amuch better job. Cloud Drive: I’m a fan of cloud storage. I love Dropbox, which is commonly named as the app to beat if you’re building a cloud storage solution. Amazon has to have some sort of local filesystem mounting application in the works to access your Cloud Drive.

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